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Twenty4Change exists to help people do small things that make a big difference for community organizations.

What happens when you take one part people, one part good food, and one part community? It’s called Twenty4Change. Here’s how it will work in short, we’ll dine out for a fixed price meal, donate $20 a head to an organization that’s doing some amazing work – and we’ll get to hang with someone from the organization. We’re committing to doing these dinner parties once a month for the next year!


  • People go out to eat all the time. They drop $50 $60 or more on dinner without thinking about it
  • People want to support important causes but they dont know how, they dont want to commit to something long term, they want to be able to feel an emotional connection to the organization
  • People want a human connection to the organization
  • People want to be able to experience this kind of experience with their friends

How it works

  • People come to dinner, ideally 20 people. Each gets to eat dinner for free or a fixed price
  • Each person pays an additional $20
  • An organization that is doing good work sends a person to hang out with us for the evening
  • There is conversation
  • The organization gets $400 plus to be involved in a conversation with some cool people
  • The restaurant gets to host an important cause and get a large group

Get more information! Contact us to find out how you can host or attend an event.

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